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Wat a boring weekend.. Last nite we were planning to watch live band..(longkang live band laa..hahha) but ended up we had nasi lemak comel in Kampung Baru, we were a lil bit late and it’s already wrapped. Didn’t want to waste the nite, we go around town watching people..it’s Saturday nite fever afterall, watching the fever…:).. Ok back to the nasi lemak, it was very nice, i recommend you guys to try the place.. quite Ok laa..but the business is gud, its crowded with people, gud income. You might be surprised, they only sells nasi lemak comel, otak-otak, some lauk pauk (siap ada pucuk paku goreng..simple but sedap woo) and ready made drinks.. all so good.  Sit there and eat in the crown while listening to the young boys playing simple performance, singing our neighbour’s hits song and if you like it just put RM1 or 2 in their bag. In case you want to go there, it is in the same road as Kelab Sutan Sulaiman and Sekolah Menengah Puteri Wilayah KL. Have Fun SO that’s all for last nite.

Coming back from KL, we went to Uptown Damansara and bought some new DVDs and we managed to get Preety Woman..whooaa! i just looovvveee the movie..Julia Roberts was so fun and fine and Richard Gere..OMG he is gorgeous. I just wonder if there is still any great gorgeous guys out there?? Hard to find…Oka..ok…so then we watched movie till dawn, one after another. Its morning I know, but I prepared chilled drinks – limau asam boi…heheh and some munchies..Nicee!!!

So we had a grear time..moviethon all day long..movie..sleep and movie and sleep and eat and now movie again….!!! Now while writing this we were just watched Mamma Mia and will continue with Preety Woman againn…lol..

Nite..nite all..


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