I always treat chocolate and ice-cream as my best friend especially when I am sad, stress and depress. It gives me some good feeling and I think the sugar rush that acts on the pleasure senses of the brain help brighten the dull mood. I feel good after eating ice-cream and chocolate but it is just a temporary treat and it does not elliviate the situation at all. But it’s ok, you both are my good buddies!

Talking about depression and sadness, today I read in the Yahoo! Health about the five best food to help reduce depression. Elizabeth Somer, RD, author of Eat Your Way to Happiness says citrus food, nuts, leafy greens, salmon and dried cherries are some good nutrient-buffed snacks to fight stress and depression.

Read more below http://health.yahoo.com/featured/57/the-best-get-happy-foods/



Wat a boring weekend.. Last nite we were planning to watch live band..(longkang live band laa..hahha) but ended up we had nasi lemak comel in Kampung Baru, we were a lil bit late and it’s already wrapped. Didn’t want to waste the nite, we go around town watching people..it’s Saturday nite fever afterall, watching the fever…:).. Ok back to the nasi lemak, it was very nice, i recommend you guys to try the place.. quite Ok laa..but the business is gud, its crowded with people, gud income. You might be surprised, they only sells nasi lemak comel, otak-otak, some lauk pauk (siap ada pucuk paku goreng..simple but sedap woo) and ready made drinks.. all so good.  Sit there and eat in the crown while listening to the young boys playing simple performance, singing our neighbour’s hits song and if you like it just put RM1 or 2 in their bag. In case you want to go there, it is in the same road as Kelab Sutan Sulaiman and Sekolah Menengah Puteri Wilayah KL. Have Fun SO that’s all for last nite.

Coming back from KL, we went to Uptown Damansara and bought some new DVDs and we managed to get Preety Woman..whooaa! i just looovvveee the movie..Julia Roberts was so fun and fine and Richard Gere..OMG he is gorgeous. I just wonder if there is still any great gorgeous guys out there?? Hard to find…Oka..ok…so then we watched movie till dawn, one after another. Its morning I know, but I prepared chilled drinks – limau asam boi…heheh and some munchies..Nicee!!!

So we had a grear time..moviethon all day long..movie..sleep and movie and sleep and eat and now movie again….!!! Now while writing this we were just watched Mamma Mia and will continue with Preety Woman againn…lol..

Nite..nite all..


Cinta Anak Perang

Aku buat sajak or pusi ni few months back..waktu sibuk peperangan di Gaza..

Teman..kukisahkan cinta alam
Pada perbatasan kemanusiaan
Rakus kuasa…punca kejam
Malam siang ronanya kelam

Di balik sinisnya senyum ejek mereka
Sinar Merdeka..bermandi darah dan airmata
Titis demi titis banjir di padang gersang
Perjuangan jihad berbaur hanyir darah
Bedilan ..satu demi satu..tinggalkan sisa kejam

Dulu bumi ini sayup pandangan
Kini warnanya berdebu batuan
Di celah celoreng-celoreng api dan tangisan
Bumi rekah ini.. bumi yang berbahagi dendam
Dendamnya berghairah menular di setiap pembuluh darah

Teman kukisahkan..lagu sayu
Jari kususun doa kuratibkan
Sujud ku bersujud…bertimpuh aku
Kejang minda kaku tubuh kuasa
Kurempuh jua laluan ini
Walau gentingnya selembar rambut berbelah tujuh

Oho..hoo Teman..
Kirimkan pada Tuhan bekalan akhirku
Sampaikan pada Tuhan doa anak bangsaku
Warkah titipan..anak dunia terpinggir
Di bumi sendiri
Andai kau tak bisa bersamaku
Kau pasti mendengar rintihanku..


I am sooo Blue….

Out of the blue, I am a Blue Person… I was just browsing through some old files on my PC thinking of deleting some of the trash, ahh!! It’s out of space, when I found this very interesting personality checking on me. Hehehe.. I don’t remember where I got this but it is interesting to note that I’m actually a blue type personality where all this while I thought that I am Red person. Read this…

Being a BLUE personality, the Core Motivation that drives you through life is “Intimacy”. It is important to note that this does not mean sexual intimacy. BLUES need connection – the sharing of rich, deep emotions that bind people together. As a BLUE, you will often sacrifice a great deal of time, effort, and/or personal convenience to develop and maintain meaningful relationships throughout your life. BLUES seek opportunities to genuinely connect with others, and need to be understood and appreciated, especially by their partner.

“Everything you do as a BLUE has to be quality-based, or you won’t do it at all. You are incredibly loyal to friends, employers, employees, and above all to your significant other. Whatever or whomever you commit to is your sole (and soul) focus. As a BLUE, you love to serve and will give freely of yourself in order to nurture the lives of others. BLUES have distinct preferences and are the most controlling of the four personalities, although they may not acknowledge (or even realize) the fact. Your code of ethics is remarkably strong and you expect others (not only your partner and those closest to you, but everyone) to live honest, committed lives as well. You enjoy sharing meaningful moments in conversation with your partner as well as remembering special life events (e.g. birthdays and anniversaries).”


” Jacket – Visa, Dress- AMEX, Belt – Mastercard.. It’s vintage and I got 1 percent cash back”.. a great investment statement from a shoppaholic..lol

I love this movie, I can’t remember how many times have I watched it, I think once in the cinema and more than 10 times at home. It just makes me laugh everytime I watch it and it never bore me. I think its because it is close to our real life, an ordinary girl with an obsession for shopping with every single penny and credit cards she has. She’s struggling with her shopping obsession and all of the sudden collapse of her income source and can’t afford to pay for the credit card bills. Ummph! and there’s where the story started…

“Underwear is the basic human rights!!”  Rebecca defend herself when asked by her bestfriend Suze on her ridiculuos spending of USD200 on Marc Jacobs underwear. She’s really cute!!

I would say this is the best movie for 2009. Isla Fisher is very funny and enjoying herself  playing the vicious shoppaholic, Rebecca Bloomwood supporting by the other casts. I just read on the cover today that the movie was actually based on the bestselling book by Sophie Kinsella. I’ll grab one copy of the book soon.

So if you haven’t watch this movie yet, please get your DVD now and enjoy the laughing spree.

p/s – I’m watching 27 Dresses while writing this post 🙂


This festive season is far from ending, though hari raya and deepavali has just passed but being a colourfull Malaysian many more festivals is coming .. the AidilAdha, Christmas, New Year Celebration, CNY…:) With all the mouth-watering food – the kari, rendang, lemang, ketupat, kuih raya, tandoori, wade, chocolate, soon moon cake and emmm..thousands of good food to list down here. I know, it’d hard to resist, and one just can’t help but eat. It’s festive season afterall and everyone getting indulge. And as a result of having too much indulgence, you put more weight.. and you start checking on your scale. Feel guilty..?

Here are some good news for ladies and also those looking for a natural solution to reduce weight and cut down some calories without taking any diet pills. Lucy Danziger, SELF Editor-in-Chief a Yahoo! Health Expert for Women’s Health list down 8 fat-fighting super bite – Almond, berries, cinnamon, soybeans, mustard, oranges, sweet potatoes and Swiss cheese to help us reduce weight. Good news for me too!!

Check this out: http://health.yahoo.com/experts/healthieryou/12893/8-foods-that-fight-fat/

Gold will never go wrong for the wedding. Match it with red or maroon, it is classy and evergreen. So here are my latest collection for the wedding ideas/ hantaran pengantin – Golden Candlelistic.