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My schedule was so packed today.. from 8.00 am to 1.00 am the next day..:): I wake up at about 7.00 am..

Lunch with Che Lee.. still no result as he can’t make up his mind..

Later meet Rozie.. a lot of things we explore…

Later that nite . I do sharing in fornt of quite few partners about the experinece I had during the PD3.. Heheh.. my first time but quite Ok lor.. not shaking and nervous lor.. heheh. None of my junior partners were there but I feel cool…

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If Syed Muzzapar took a great length to the outerspace, I’m just doing something extraordinary that the normal and old me will not be doing it. This is so impossipuzzle but I have to do it.. I have to find the breakthrough point so that the dream that I pursue will be more meaningful… I am asking men for a dare??. Even though it is not for a real dating but still.. it is not me.. OMG! please give me meaning.. I know this is the only way to change… Huhu!

Today has just passed by and tomm is just like any other days, but its definitely an important day .. I have a lunch date with my new and upcoming future partner, Yazmin… and later in the evening we have a biz presentation for her. See if she’s interested with the opportunity that we will share with her, definitely she’s our next leader in the making.. hahaha.. apa lah bahasa aku ni,  janji sedap kat mulut jer.. haha

Tomm nite I’ll drop by here and update you guys about this and also about Che Lee.. The situation are still not finalised, I think both parties still play hide and seek.. play hard like this, I yang sakit jantung.. But my dear Cmq will go down tomm to see him and open every possible way to help him understand why are ‘We’ so important to him if he really wants to be in the loop.

Not to forget my 3rd and 4th generation has already fuel their energy and started their engine.. Vroom..vromm… very soon we’ll see the change and the new life begins…

Oh ya.. almost forgotten to update my lovely Kelly..haha Kelisa, she’ll be coming home tomm and ride me around town…:):) I missed u.. muah! muah!

 See ya tomm….


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Way to Go… Bhassyaa

We had a great time today. The session I tell.. wallahh!!!.. great, fantastic.. yessss!!!!

Welcome all four members in our clan….

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Today is the Verdict..

Today is the results for the line-pinching case we encounter in the office early this week relating to Che Lee. I may humbly think that it would side on us but I’d rather think that it is ok if it goes to Zahara’s team. I did my part which I took over from Cmq D, but they have also done their part. Cmq D have done her groundwork for about 5 months ago.. and I started came into the picture nearly 3 months back. So it is a win-win situation but what’s more important to me is the long term relationship and doing business in a solid and peaceful environment. We don’t practise politics here and I have no intention to involved in that either.

Today, leaders from both sides will meet and present their cases, analyse and evaluate the weightage. So just wait for the verdict. Its nothing about winning or loosing but merely following the correct system.

Anyway, good luck for 2 new cases today, Shan and Untie Adiba… Rock the world babe!!


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A breakthrough..

As a matter of facts, I don’t talk to strangers… but this few months something has really changed me. I talk to people I don’t know.. even surprising.. I approached them first sometimes. I’m quite a friendly person but sometimes I’m also arrogant and I’m kind of not like to talk to people I’ not interested to talk to…:) huh! Its a breakthrough.. really.. and more to come.. I guess..

My life has changed.. my thought also change a little bit everyday.. and its really exciting to notice the changes. I always wish and pray that I could be a better person… for myself and for the people around me.

This is the experience – Last two weeks I bumped into a guy which later I knew his name is Shan at Giant Shah Alam. He’s a Personal Loan executive in RHB. Of course he approached me to take his credit card or loan but I’m not interested. I said to him that I’m not in but my friend’s might interested to apply so we fixed an appointment the next day. Due to several reasons, we only got a chance to meet last 2 days. Of course, being a maketeer, I look at him as my prospect. So I asked questions about his job… bla..bla..bla .. and later invite him to our network’s event – Organ Donation in the evening at Times Square. He seems interested and excited, which actually I knew his intention was just to meet more people, which means more sales. But it doesn’t matter.. the main thing is I managed to talk to starnger and convinced him to come to my event. That’s the whole idea of a breakthough in my life!!


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Grow our Network…

We have two more new members under my team today.. Very positive new partners. One more coming soon.. need to brush up a little more. So welcome on board.. Aliza and Zaidill!!! Baby Firdaus… Watch out huh!!!

Today my partner and I went for a business lunch with a contractor in Shah Alam. He was supposed to renovate my house but since I decided to quit my job, I have to postponed my plan. Thought of just thanking him for his advise.. he actually looking for the opportunity which I just embarked on. Very positive, full of excitement, committed. Good quality to be part of our team..

More development coming up soon!!!


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