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Last night I heard news on TV3 saying that the public will expect another increase in fuel price later this year..Waa.. this is after the recent announcement of an increase in oil prices of more than 70 cent. The oil price is expected to reach its usd200 per barrel which we can’t avoid it. But the question is how ready are we to face this increases.. what is our preparation..?


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I just came back from Penang.. its not for my cuti-cuti Malaysia la definitely, but actually I was just looking for some new opportunity at the northern part, the new market and ‘kangtaw’ to expand my line there. There are few things that attract me to explore market in Penang, one is because of the latest development in our political situation in Penang that might offer some good news to us and the other things is because of the people, scenery and the food. The place is just biasa-biasa laa.. but I’m sure something will bloom somewhere if we really hit the right button there..:):) We will make it big..yes! for sure!

Another thing is that of course we went there to support our beloved DLK…

Btw, I guess it is not too late to welcome our latest member in the One Akinoz team – Kak Aida and Nun..Welcome to the new world and thanks to all members for making it happen.. You guyz rock.. so keep on rocking!!!


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Great leader will always give the best tips on how to become a great leader to his people.. and we had one last week on 6/ May in Sunway Convention Centre. This is not just merely sweet talking but sincerely it comes from my inner feelings and my observation.. he is a great man.. a great man with big heart and huge plan I’ve ever met so far.. SY. Unlike other corporate profile I knew in my previous work, he is truly sincere with what he’s doing.. not just money that matters but his passion and enthusiasme that is really stick my attention to that one day session..

‘Leadership is not magnetic personality—that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not “making friends and influencing people”—that is flattery. Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations’ ~ Peter F. Drucker

~ Kawaikinoz~

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Thanks God for giving me the abundance… the life i live now and all the  good people i met in my life.. I have a lot to say for this new year, following Chinese New year.. Of course my birthday was just 3 days ago but I think this year is the best birthday I have so far, life has been so fun and fine everyday.. Great things keep pouring in.. I guess this is the result of recolecting the Old Me.. the original me.. Akinoz.

Not to forget.. welcome on board, the cheeky Bakri in my network which makes me left with two more position for my dream position. Thanks so much Mq D and Mq Baharin, I can’t do it without you guyz and for sure its because of your persistent guidance. I wish I could be u one day. Also welcome Remy.. I pity u but I know that’s how God tests us. We can’t expect life will be Ok all the time but we must pray and hope for the best we could ever thought… Ok.. also welcome to our newly registered member Izwan the Banker and Zila. Kak Jamila, I know is on its way..

I have few situation that makes me regret during this period.. my good friends, family and few other things but I won’t waste my time thinking about it. Live must go on. Just move on.. move on..

Ok got to go, tomm I’m having another hectic day…. But don’t worry i will drop by here later..


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Its true.. some will give a yes to you, some won’t, so what..?? just next. I’m not talking about something alien. This is the truth.. reality in life that we must respect. We must accept the fact that rejection is normal, what’s important is how best we can handle rejection. It is of course hurting our feelings, but why bother. We also reject people sometimes, rite. So what??

What best we can do is just turning it to be the strongest point to achieve our goal. I read somewhere about how Slyvester become so famous actor now. He was once dreamt of becoming an actor. He tried very hard to realise his dream and because of his strong will and undaunted dream he then wrote a script which he intended to play himself. Once the script was completed he went to show it to one director to another, one studios to another where he recieved over 1000s NO. Until one day there was someone interested to buy his script for USD100,000 but wanted to take other popular artist to play the role. Because of his determination to becaome an actor, he turned down the offer and continue his intention which finally came to an end when someone really interested to  take him to play his own created role and the movie was boomed and made its 4 sequal – The Rocky. What if he took the USD100k offer, he might ended up as a script writer but because of his stong willpower he pursue his dream and now he become a famous star.

Moral of the story is that we have to be very focus in what we need in life. Really understand our intention, when  our intention is strong enough.. nothing can easily break it, U’ll stand tall to what you want and at the end of the day u will definitely got it.

Just remember one thing, There is no perfection in life, even if we try so hard to be perfect, we won’t achieve that perfect result. Close to perfect probably yes but not 100%. No perfect failure and no perfect success.. but the effort we make to achieve perfection is something that matters. Perfect is something very subjective and depending on what a person look at it, perfection can be altered..hahahahha.. To me perfect is when I achieve what I want to achieve… Afterall to me, striving for perfection is worthwhile than perfectly do nothing.

Later laaa.. so sleepy and hungry..


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Morning? What did I do yaa.. emm..oo ya, I was struggling finishing the hampers my  I have to cancle seveal appointments because it clashes with eac other. But in the vening, we got a chance to meet Zarina, very fruitfull discussion, Cmg D managed to kawtim her to come to office nest week on Friday. I am positive can close the case.

They are both taking opportunity to introduce me to Zarina’s frem Tom a guy-good fren of her at MAS. Hahah… biz puny apasall alu lalukan ajer.. heee

Later in the evening I went to Cyberjaya to see my people and streamline their focus about this biz. The discussion end at 2.00 pm and I end up stranded at Cyber, to late maa… cannot tahan I just slept at my sis house..

Later laaa….

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Stranger Stranded in L3A

Brought in a new  a stranger, Hafif whom i knew in less than a week during my visit to TM MSC and Nana (Nana kerrr ? hehe), an IS student from MMU – the latest in my counting. I thot of bringing him for BOT so he can get some glimpses about our business and the nvironment we are in but unfortunately the tickects were all sold out. There are few outstationed busses.. guess from Johor, Mq Fariz’s clan were there and we’re all kind of stranded in L3A mingling and still asking around for uncollected tickets. After  a while and there’s still no clue, I brought all my team for a visit around the office. Later we do ABP and it went really well…

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