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” Jacket – Visa, Dress- AMEX, Belt – Mastercard.. It’s vintage and I got 1 percent cash back”.. a great investment statement from a shoppaholic..lol

I love this movie, I can’t remember how many times have I watched it, I think once in the cinema and more than 10 times at home. It just makes me laugh everytime I watch it and it never bore me. I think its because it is close to our real life, an ordinary girl with an obsession for shopping with every single penny and credit cards she has. She’s struggling with her shopping obsession and all of the sudden collapse of her income source and can’t afford to pay for the credit card bills. Ummph! and there’s where the story started…

“Underwear is the basic human rights!!”  Rebecca defend herself when asked by her bestfriend Suze on her ridiculuos spending of USD200 on Marc Jacobs underwear. She’s really cute!!

I would say this is the best movie for 2009. Isla Fisher is very funny and enjoying herself  playing the vicious shoppaholic, Rebecca Bloomwood supporting by the other casts. I just read on the cover today that the movie was actually based on the bestselling book by Sophie Kinsella. I’ll grab one copy of the book soon.

So if you haven’t watch this movie yet, please get your DVD now and enjoy the laughing spree.

p/s – I’m watching 27 Dresses while writing this post 🙂


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