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I always treat chocolate and ice-cream as my best friend especially when I am sad, stress and depress. It gives me some good feeling and I think the sugar rush that acts on the pleasure senses of the brain help brighten the dull mood. I feel good after eating ice-cream and chocolate but it is just a temporary treat and it does not elliviate the situation at all. But it’s ok, you both are my good buddies!

Talking about depression and sadness, today I read in the Yahoo! Health about the five best food to help reduce depression. Elizabeth Somer, RD, author of Eat Your Way to Happiness says citrus food, nuts, leafy greens, salmon and dried cherries are some good nutrient-buffed snacks to fight stress and depression.

Read more below http://health.yahoo.com/featured/57/the-best-get-happy-foods/


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Wat a boring weekend.. Last nite we were planning to watch live band..(longkang live band laa..hahha) but ended up we had nasi lemak comel in Kampung Baru, we were a lil bit late and it’s already wrapped. Didn’t want to waste the nite, we go around town watching people..it’s Saturday nite fever afterall, watching the fever…:).. Ok back to the nasi lemak, it was very nice, i recommend you guys to try the place.. quite Ok laa..but the business is gud, its crowded with people, gud income. You might be surprised, they only sells nasi lemak comel, otak-otak, some lauk pauk (siap ada pucuk paku goreng..simple but sedap woo) and ready made drinks.. all so good.  Sit there and eat in the crown while listening to the young boys playing simple performance, singing our neighbour’s hits song and if you like it just put RM1 or 2 in their bag. In case you want to go there, it is in the same road as Kelab Sutan Sulaiman and Sekolah Menengah Puteri Wilayah KL. Have Fun SO that’s all for last nite.

Coming back from KL, we went to Uptown Damansara and bought some new DVDs and we managed to get Preety Woman..whooaa! i just looovvveee the movie..Julia Roberts was so fun and fine and Richard Gere..OMG he is gorgeous. I just wonder if there is still any great gorgeous guys out there?? Hard to find…Oka..ok…so then we watched movie till dawn, one after another. Its morning I know, but I prepared chilled drinks – limau asam boi…heheh and some munchies..Nicee!!!

So we had a grear time..moviethon all day long..movie..sleep and movie and sleep and eat and now movie again….!!! Now while writing this we were just watched Mamma Mia and will continue with Preety Woman againn…lol..

Nite..nite all..


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This festive season is far from ending, though hari raya and deepavali has just passed but being a colourfull Malaysian many more festivals is coming .. the AidilAdha, Christmas, New Year Celebration, CNY…:) With all the mouth-watering food – the kari, rendang, lemang, ketupat, kuih raya, tandoori, wade, chocolate, soon moon cake and emmm..thousands of good food to list down here. I know, it’d hard to resist, and one just can’t help but eat. It’s festive season afterall and everyone getting indulge. And as a result of having too much indulgence, you put more weight.. and you start checking on your scale. Feel guilty..?

Here are some good news for ladies and also those looking for a natural solution to reduce weight and cut down some calories without taking any diet pills. Lucy Danziger, SELF Editor-in-Chief a Yahoo! Health Expert for Women’s Health list down 8 fat-fighting super bite – Almond, berries, cinnamon, soybeans, mustard, oranges, sweet potatoes and Swiss cheese to help us reduce weight. Good news for me too!!

Check this out: http://health.yahoo.com/experts/healthieryou/12893/8-foods-that-fight-fat/

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Tao Foo Far  Patt Thai  Ayam kampun goreng berempah Sup Tulang Ice Jelly Cocktail my homemade spagetti Roti tissue or capati?? 

I’ll write about this later…

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Last weekend I went for futsal with Kak J and her Perodua Team.. its fun heh.. and later after the game I get back to her house to get some laksa which she already prepared before the game. This was actually my second bowl.. hehehe… Later I slept macam ular kekenyangan..

The next day we woke up very early in the morning to prepare nasi lemak. My special dish for the day was rendang which I supposed to cook rendang kerang.. tapi dah penat menyelam tak jumpa kerang .. huhu.. so end up with rendang daging but no worries still wallah you.. We had our bed and breakfast with Kak J.. Your sambal tumis memang mengancam kak!!!

Okie dokie…

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Its been a week we’ve been celebrating the latest edition of our Aidilfitri.. For Muslim, I hope it is not too late to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri and Maaf Zahir & Batin.. and for the rest.. you may join the crowd and take this opportunity to visit your Muslim friends and colleagues and get the chance to eat our special rendang, ketupat, lemang and all those yummy kuih raya and etc.

Talking about Aidilfitri, this is actually my first Hari Raya not working with anybody. Feel cool laa!.. Hehe…  my first time experience going for holiday without having to fill up leave form and waiting for the fussy boss to approve..  Hehehe.. doesn’t it cool?

Moving forward, we will be having our Hari Raya gathering this coming Friday, 26 Oct at Ithsmus Restaurant, Mid Valley. Come and join us!! Its free for members and sure its gonna be fun and fine as well…. Lots and lots of fine food. Wallah!! I tell you… No worries!! after you eat all those high cholesterol and those sinful fatty foods.. don’t forget to use Estebel slimming cream baaa!! Settle problem kan..

Anyway, as much as you enjoy your festivities, our business must still on track yaa.. We have less then 3 months before end of 2007.  That means we only have that much time to prepare ourselves for next year’s trip to France and Japan. Make sure we will be part of the team. Going alone and going with the whole fun team.. sure different one. So work harder.. Nothing impossible.. For those on Jakarta trip, I’m sorry but I have to cancel my trip due to some unforseen circumstances… Uhuks!!.. but things here need care attention as well.. so bring back some good news for us here.. EXPANSION!!!

Ok.. that’s about all. I’ve got to go for 3.00pm talk.. syyyhh! Only for ladies ok.. ‘Just Ladies: How To be A Successful Women’. Don’t worry, I will share with you some tips in my next posting…

For those coming back from hometown, have a safe journey back to KL. Don’t forget dodol and kuih raya.. ahakss!!

Cee ya next time..


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travel-to-jakarta-food-2.jpg  lepat-pisang.jpg  empik-empek1.jpg  nagasari.jpg 

Wallah…I love these.. lunch with nasi ala sunda ‘lesehan’ style, breakfast with pulut pisang,  Indonesian style of keropok lekor – they called it empek-empek and also my mom’s favourite .. nagasari… 

pulut-mangga.jpg  sago-gula-melaka.jpg  rojak-buah.jpg  Nai Ayam  ice-cream.jpg

Pulut mangga, sago gula melaka, rojak buah, nasi ayam and ice-cream.. yummy… yumm…!!  

I wouldn’t classify myself as an ‘all I can eat person’ but rather enjoying myself with whatever meal I have in front of me. I’ve always wanted to try cook fine food.. but most of the time ended up..’mee goreng mamak satu!!’.. But recently I got a chance to learn cooking simple desert with a friend I consider as a food expert. She’s like ‘everything she can cook’. When we were in University, quite 10 years ago.. she’s once cooked a very nice mee goreng.. and all she did was just ‘campak-campak’ all the ingredients and in an instance we had a good fried mee, we called it ‘ Mee Goreng Kak Lin’ served for our dinner..   Back to my free cooking class :),  all we have at the end of that night was as the pix above.. I did the decorating part only and prepared stuff, while my friend do the cooking, and then we took picture and eat one after another..

 Coming up.. ‘Food for Life’ for those of you who concern about diet… 

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